Tribute Flights
 Sept. 17-20, 2020


Experience what it's like to fly in a hot air balloon using
your VR goggles and watching footage from the PNC Bank 360 camera!

Pro tip: Be sure to download the YouTube app for full VR capability

There's so much more to learn about hot air ballooning
and the Great Forest Park Balloon Race! Join pilot Roy Caton and
GFPBR team members, Jessica Stegen and John Nickel for a live Q & A via Zoom! 

About Lift Up St. Louis

While we cannot gather as we usually would in Forest Park this September, The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is committed to bringing smiles and uplifting stories to St. Louis through challenging times.


Lift Up St. Louis will focus on the following:

Tribute Flights

Hot air balloons will fill the skies Sept. 17-20 in honor of essential workers, educators, healthcare heroes and those standing up for change. We will post on social media (especially real-time on Twitter @gfpballoonrace) with updates throughout the weekend on where in St. Louis you will be able to look up and see beautiful balloon soaring by! NOTE: there will not be an official event or gathering and flights will take place in multiple locations around the greater St. Louis area each day - not all from Forest Park. 

Meet the Honorees

The GFPBR is working with its partners and sponsors to select a number of honorees to be featured as part of Lift Up St. Louis - these honorees will be representative of larger groups of people working so hard everyday to keep our lives as normal as possible:

  • Essential Workers

  • Educators

  • Healthcare Heroes

  • Those Standing Up for Change 

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